General membership status shall be granted to all those who are currently employed (or recently employed) in the San Diego region as a tour guide and/or as field staff for a tour operator, destination management company or tourism related business.

Written proof of employment and/or letters of recommendation by two San Diego Professional Certified Tour Guide members in good standing may be required. For more information or questions, please check with the membership secretary when applying for membership.

Honorary and Business classifications are exempt from the proof of employment or letters of recommendation requirement.

Membership Classifications

General Member

Meets all membership eligibility requirements, but has not taken any part of the certification examination.

Accredited Hospitality Professional (AHP)

Meets all eligibility requirements and has passed the certification examination pertaining to airport meet & greets, shuttles, dispatching, registration and hospitality desks, dine-a-rounds, and guiding basics. See our Certification Page for additional details.

Certified Tour Guide (CTG)

Has passed all parts and sections of the certification written examination above AHP section as well as Part II, which covers tour information pertaining to San Diego city, county, Coronado, La Jolla, historical facts and attractions. See our Certification Page for additional details.

Business Member

Any business or corporation that supports the goals of the San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association.

Honorary Member

Is any individual retired from the industry yet desires to maintain contact with association members. (Typically a former member of the San Diego Tour Guide Association who is no longer working in the industry.)

Membership Fees:

Annual Fees: $100 individual members, $125 business members.
Membership term is from January to December of each year.
Applications will be verified and approved by the membership secretary, who then advises as to where dues, application, and proof of employment or letters of recommendation are to be mailed.
For more information please fill out our Contact Form.