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I was fortunate to be introduced to traveling at a young age—there is even a picture of me in front of Mt. Rushmore at the age of 2 months. My first big road trip was at the age of 7, when my dad was relocated from Maryland to San Diego and we drove cross-country. Since then, I have visited 42 states to date (I do plan to visit all 50) and 20 countries. After 25 years in the corporate world, I have decided to take my business skills and transition into my second career as a tour director and hospitality professional. I recently graduated from International Tour Management Institute, and am working on becoming a Certified Tour Guide with the San Diego Professional Tour Guide Association. I have taken several guided tours, all with wonderful tour directors who have each inspired me in their own way. I love travel, San Diego, history, and learning about people and their own backgrounds and interests. I can’t wait to share the wonderful city of San Diego with all visitors.

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